Monday, February 24, 2014

Pink Peggy 3: Goodness and Love

 Pink Peggy 3
12x12 Original Oil on canvas $150

Goodness is achieved not in a vacuum, 
but in the company of other people, attended by love. 
(Saul Bellow) 

Are you part of a "Pink Blanket of Love" caring and supporting a loved one coping with cancer? Perhaps you are that woman who is coping with cancer. I am astounded by the level of goodness that flows from you both. 

I hope to honor that love, energy and goodness in my Pink Peggy Series. I would love to hear about the Pink Peggy in your life.

Thank you for Reaching Beyond Yourself,

Pink Peggy 3
Original Oil on 12x12 Canvas $150
Part of the proceeds from the sale of the  Pink Peggy series will go to help 
fund a cure for breast cancer. 

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