Sunday, November 18, 2012

Painting Downtown Lafayette

Painting Downtown Lafayette, LA

Well here we are, at it again! 

I paint en plein air every Wednesday with friend and fellow artist, Mari Randolph (check out her Blog We attract a lot of attention which really surprises me as Lafayette has a fairly vibrant art community, you would think we wouldn't be such a novelty. It also surprises me that there aren't any other plein air groups that we have been able to identify as of yet in this immediate area.

Not to worry, we have started our own group! The two of us figured out what day and time works best for us (Wednesdays from 10-4) and we pick a location to paint for a month. For the month of November we have chosen to paint on Jefferson Street in downtown Lafayette. Anyone who is interested in joining us is welcome, JUST SHOW UP :). If you are interested in joining us on a more regular basis we will let you know our next location. 

We are hoping that with enough interest we can get a group of regular participants. Winter in this area is the time to paint plein air. We are thinking that the group could transition to inside during the summer and paint from still-life set-ups.

Hope to see some new faces soon.
It's All Good!
This photo was taken by  The Daily Advertister and was on the FRONT PAGE of  Fridays edition of the local newspaper.  How cool is that?