Friday, February 14, 2014

Pink Peggy 1: The Pink Blanket of Love

 Pink Peggy 1
12x12 Original Oil on canvas $150

Yesterday I was reading my Facebook page and following one post from a dear friend who has a younger sister with breast cancer. Today on Valentine's Day her family and friends from all over the country have pledged to wear pink in support of her, showering her with love, hope and prayer.

Marilyn began with this simple post: Putting on my pink for my beautiful sister Peg tomorrow. The pinkest thing I own is a bright fuchsia Tommy Bahama sweatshirt. It might be a little casual for work, but Baby, it's getting worn! Cancer has gotta be one of the UGLIEST words ever.

This post is followed with comment after comment from everyone pledging to wear pink and send their prayers for Peggy on Valentine's Day.

Marilyn responds to the comments on her post with: "Hugs to you all. The pink blanket of love is a powerful, soldiering and healing thing."

Marilyn is a talented poet, her "pink blanket of love" rang straight to my heart. Imagine, if you will, the light of all of those loved-ones swirling around Peggy, lifting her up and offering her support.

I want to be a part of Peggy's circle of love; part of that beautiful pink blanket. And I want to capture that energy, that light, that love, in a painting. Thus my new series: The Pink Peggy

My hope is that these paintings, with the color pink as the focal point, will capture all of that love-light, all of that hope and all of those prayers: in some small way offer comfort and support to all of the Peggy's out there who are under our Pink Blanket of Love.

I dedicate this series to Peggy and to all of the women who share her road. 

Who is your Pink Peggy? Wrap her in a pink blanket of love and let her know that she is in my prayers,
Pink Peggy 1  Oil on 12x12 Canvas $150 
Part of the proceeds from the sale of the  Pink Peggy series will go to help 
fund a cure for breast cancer.